Parent Testimonials for Online Lessons

Beata, I feel that the timing couldn't have been more perfect to introduce you into my son’s  life this summer. I can share with you with confidence that he really enjoyed the 20 lessons with you, and you were there at the right time to help him with his life AND English at the same time! :)


This evening he shared with me that he really enjoyed learning with you: “fun, practical and applicable in real life” were the words he used. He also told me that you helped him to ask questions, think deeper and organize his thoughts. His testimonial tells me that he was fully engaged during the lesson.


I have also noticed lately that his self-confidence has never been so high. He is happier, more relaxed and secure about himself. I feel that this change was made possible by the full individual attention you gave to him and the positive meaningful feedback you shared with him. I couldn't be happier with how far you and my son have come. 

I strongly believe that we were very lucky to have found you. Thank you a million times for caring about my son, Beata.

~ Mee Jine, Singapore, June-August 2020, 12-year old son

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My son is in the 1st grade in high school (10th grade).   

Mrs. Mirecka was my best English teacher when I was in Jakarta International School, and so I thought it's a great opportunity for him to take her active learning English lessons. 


Since her lessons are tailored to his interests, he takes her lessons proactively. Her lessons are not limited to learning just English as a language.  At the same time, she makes him think about his opinion and leads him to express it and impress people.  These skills are essential for his future life in universities and workplace. 


It's been about 3 months that he takes Beata's lessons, and as a result, in school he took the highest grade in English that he's ever taken in junior high school.  

I hope he keeps enjoying her lessons and expands his horizons.   

~ Shiho Iwasa, Tokyo, June 2020 -June 2021, 15-year old son